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Ostrich feather duster

Ostrich feather duster

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Good for sensitive things: Redecker Ostrich Feather Dusters are particularly lightweight, which is why they are especially well suited for dusting delicate items or smaller pieces that tend to topple over easily.

Ever wondered why ostrich feathers make such fantastic dusters, it’s all down to the innate static charge that is not found in any other feathers or materials. The charge that is created when the duster is rubbed against a surface occurs because an ostrich feather does not ‘zipper together’ as with other birds feathers. This innate static charge is superbly efficient at attracting and holding dust, rather than just moving it around. Cleaning just requires a shake and the dust releases. This ostrich feather brush is made by Bürstenhaus Redecker in Germany using only natural materials.

No ostrich was harmed in the collection of the feathers which takes place around the time that they molt.


  • Size: 28 / 30 cm.
  • Varnished wooden handle.
  • Assembly material: ostrich feathers.