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12% Household Vinegar

12% Household Vinegar

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Traditionally used in all cuisines of the world, vinegar is also a powerful household product.

Multi-purpose, ecological and cheap, it deodorizes, descales, cleans and disinfects by neutralizing bases and decomposing carbonates (including the limestone in our pipes).

Vinegar is 4 times more concentrated than the vinegar usually bought in supermarket, and can be used without limit: it is colorless, its odor evaporates quickly and is of no danger for humans or the environment.

Properties: disinfectant, deodorant, antilime, fabric softener, stain remover, anti-mildew, cleaner, weed killer.

Suitable for hard wood floors.

Household vinegar is also available on the market at a concentration of 20%, which is used only as a weed killer when 12% vinegar is not effective.

Non-food: do not use as a condiment or as a food preservative.

pH: 2.5


$4.50 /1 lt   plus jar plus jar deposit $2

Ingredients: 12% vinegar

*if you require a large quantity please contact us