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Wool Dryer Balls Handmade by Refill Road
Wool Dryer Balls Handmade by Refill Road

Wool Dryer Balls Handmade by Refill Road

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  • They work by lifting and separating the clothes, increasing the airflow as they gently tumble around your dryer.
  • They reduce drying time by 20-30%, save on electricity and are gentler on fabric than plastic dryer balls, so preserve the lifespan of your clothing.
  • Clothes leave the dryer softer and with fewer wrinkles which also makes for faster ironing.
  • No chemicals, perfumes or dyes are used to make them.
  • Each solid wool ball is handcrafted from pure Canadian Wool 

Place 3 balls in the dryer with wet laundry (or 6+ balls for even faster drying).
Simply store them in the dryer between loads. They are now tested to last for 1000+ loads.

By creating a more humid drying environment, wool balls help to reduce static buildup.
However, keep these tips in mind when using them during the dry winter season:
* Avoid over drying to ensure anti-static, wrinkle release and easy ironing.
* Ideally dry synthetics (such as workout gear) separate from natural fibres.
* If drying combined loads - remove synthetics early as they dry faster.

A truly Eco-Friendly Laundry alternative that will save you both time & money!

If you want an specific design please email us as we might be able to accommodate your request, otherwise we will random choose a pattern for you.