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Ola Adult Toothbrush Soft
Ola Adult Toothbrush Soft

Ola Adult Toothbrush Soft

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  • Regular head larger than the compact head of our other OLA Bamboo toothbrushes
  • Pointed bristles on the edges for cleaning under the gums
  • Curved bristles at the tip of the head to reach the molars at the back of the mouth
  • Engravings on the handle for a better grip
  • Soft bristles for gentle brushing
  • The handle of the toothbrush is 100% compostable and biodegradable. It is made of bamboo.
  • Made from FSC certified bamboo to ensure best practices in managing responsible forests
  • The packaging is also recyclable or compostable by your city.
  • Bamboo cultivation is done without using pesticides or insecticides
  • Bamboo forests absorb 35% more CO2 than a regular mixed forest