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Handsanitizer | Refill 500 ml
Handsanitizer | Refill 500 ml

Handsanitizer | Refill 500 ml

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When washing your hands isn't an option, use our plant-based hand cleanser made with 99.95% Ethyl Alcohol to a concentration of 80%, Vegetable Glycerin, Whistler Water and essential oils from lemons.


This item comes in a 500 ml Maison Jar . Hand sanitizer does not use any synthetic ingredients, thus we do not use gel to thicken hand sanitizer. Please expect the consistency of this product to be liquid. Perfect for the front door, office, car, restaurant, reception desk and other heavily frequented places.

Ingredients: Ethyl Alcohol (99.95%) to 80 cc, Whistler Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Essential Oils from Lemons.


We donate one bottle for every 3 bottles sold, to senior care facilities, home care workers and other essential care workers to help eradicate COVID-19.

Made in Vancouver

Health Canada Approved

$4.50 per 100gr/  Mason Jar included