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Jade Face Roller

Jade Face Roller

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By adding one of these face rollers to your skincare routine, you can help boost hydration, reduce wrinkles and get a youthful, glowing look, instantly.

These little hand-held stone tools aren’t some new beauty breakthrough in skincare. They’ve actually been a staple in traditional Chinese skincare routines for thousands of years. Why?

It’s believed that these face rollers —and using them to “exercise” your facial muscles— can have healing and protective properties.

By rolling them in certain directions, they can help boost circulation, reduce puffiness, smooth wrinkles and allow your skincare products absorb better.

Essentially, they’re a quick and easy mini-facial you can do at home, to help keep your skin looking young, vibrant and healthy. The increase in circulation is what helps improve the appearance of skin.

The most popular and immediate result you’ll see is how glowing your face looks after a little face rolling massage. Why? Because you’re increasing the blood flow in the areas of your face and encouraging lymphatic drainage.

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